Shapes & Applications

Shapes & Applications

  • shape_straight

    SEALS for temperature control, noise reduction, light filtration.
    CONTAINMENT SYSTEMS for conveyors.
    SHIELDS for paint spray, parts cleaning, wood/metal chips.
  • shape_coil

    CLEANING SYSTEMS for conveyors, sheet metal and glass, fruits and vegetables.
    POLISHING metal, leather, etc.
    AUGERING SYSTEMS to move products.
  • shape_cup

    SEALS for dust control in vacuum systems, wood and metal chip containment.
  • shape_insidedisc

    Inside Disc
    CLEANING outside surface of pipe, tubing, etc.
    SEALS for rolled thread based screws, shafts, etc.
  • shape_spiral

    AUGERING SYSTEMS to control directional movement; CLEANING SYSTEMS for conveyors.
  • shape_outside

    Outside Disc
    CLEANING and POLISHING system. May be used individually or mounted together for wider brush face
  • shape_form

    Per application required.